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Animal Sanctuary Between Gainesville & Jacksonville, FL

Our History

An animal residing in a farm sanctuary near Starke, FL

Rooterville was founded by Elaine West in 2004 to care for the many unwanted, abandoned, and abused pot-bellied pigs. Unfortunately, most animal control agencies or Humane Societies will not take in unwanted pet pigs, so many of these former pets end up meeting a gruesome fate simply because no one is there to help.

Everything changed for Rooterville when Stella was accepted into our herd.  Stella was a breeding sow who lived her life in cages not much bigger than her body.  She fell from a transport truck on the way to slaughter.  NO ONE would help Stella but us.

Stella was AMAZING, so gentle and sweet.  We opened our gates so folks like you could meet farm animals and see that they are amazing animals who deserve to be treated with kindness and mercy.

​Since our humble beginnings, Rooterville Sanctuary has grown from 5 to over 20-acres, providing rescue, care, and a permanent home for over 100 rescued farm animals of all types.


Experience an AMAZING PLACE
Where Animals Are Friends,

Visit us TODAY! Come see for yourself!

You are welcome to bring snacks for the animals or buy them here. Best snacks:  baby carrots, sliced apples, grapes, strawberries, you get the idea!


Feed the Pigs:  10:30AM-ish

Trolley Tours & Fish Feeding:  Noon

SHOP in the Gift Shop, at your convenience!

A playground is available for the kids to enjoy.

Visit the butterfly garden, see the bees hard at work in their hive.  


All proceeds from your visit help us care for the animals here at Rooterville, THANK YOU for being generous! 

Looking for an AMAZING
Animal Experience?

Rooterville Animal Sanctuary-FUN for the whole family!

Rooterville Animal Sanctuary - Melrose, Florida - Feeding Cow
Rooterville Animal Sanctuary - Melrose, Florida - Horses

There's no place like Rooterville Animal Sanctuary when it comes to an awesome family-friendly experience with happy rescued farm animals. Just look at those happy animals.  We know by the smiles on visitors' faces that they're enjoying their time here at Rooterville!  It's cuteness overload here at our amazing sanctuary!  Come out and join the fun!

Rooterville is a great place for Birthday parties, events, groups, camping, RV stays and more!  Let us help make your event or vacation amazing.  Rooterville is an experience you'll treasure!

Rooterville is conveniently located right off of a paved County Road 315, just a hop, skip and jump away from Jacksonville, Gainesville,
High Springs and St. Augustine here in quaint Melrose, FL.  
Rooterville is run by some mighty friendly folks who can't wait to share the beautiful,
peaceful surroundings and the awesome animals here with you.  
A visit to Rooterville is the experience of a lifetime, we know you're going to love it!

These delightful animals are God's creatures, except for their appearance, they're no different from our pet dogs and cats.  Every animal has emotions, intelligence and a personality.  ALL animals deserve to be treated kindly, even the Bible says in Proverbs 12:10 that "a good person cares for the needs of their animals" while a "wicked person is very cruel even when they think they're being kind."

Being kind is not only good for animals, it's good for us and our health as well as our planet. Vegan truly is love!  We offer a message of hope and healing.  A better world and good health begin with our simple daily choices.  Yes, it's that simple and that profound.  

Join us in making kind choices. 

Together, we can change the world!

Click the Button Below to watch "Eating Mercifully"

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Rooterville Animal Sanctuary - Melrose, Florida - Shop at The Pink Pigs
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A Kinder World
Begins With You!

Help us give abandoned and neglected farm animals a second chance. 
Your support for Rooterville Animal Sanctuary makes a huge impact on an animal's life and helps ups share the message of kind living. 

If we had one wish, it would be that we could save them all!  

Sadly, we have to turn many animals away because like most farm animal sanctuaries, we are full. We wish we could create more happy endings!  That is where you come in! We'd love for you to learn more about us, come out for a visit to our sanctuary, and see what we do and get involved by supporting our work, volunteering, helping with outreach and events or jumping in wherever you feel like you'd be the most help. You also have the opportunity of growing into a position on the board of directors.


We have something for everyone; we just need more good folks like you who are willing to help us encourage compassion and inspire change!  One person may not be able to do much (unless you're rich or famous!) but together, we can accomplish big things!

Email or call today to see how you can help Rooterville do more to make this
world a kinder place! 

Come on out and Visit us!

Visit us on the weekends or by appointment to meet our awesome ambassadors and learn the incredible stories of their lives before Rooterville. Enjoy a truly hands-on experience on our gorgeous park-like 20-acres.

You will get to interact with, touch, and visit our animals in their own homes and enjoy priceless photo opportunities with special animals along the way.  Get a pic in our  beautiful butterfly garden too!  There's something for everyone.

Visitors are welcome to come and spend time with the animals and explore the sanctuary on weekends-no appointment is needed.  

We're open Saturday & Sunday 10 am -  2 pm, weather permitting. If you can't make it on the weekend or want private time with the animals, please make an appointment.  We love visitors and we'll do what we can to accommodate you.

We'll be closing for public visits Jan 2 through March, due to the cold.  We're still open for parties, private visits, volunteers, glamping, etc.  We'll monitor the weather and plan our spring re-opening as soon as the weather turns warmer.

Monthly donors and sponsors are free to come whenever they like, just let us know you're coming so we can make sure someone is here.  



Kirsty Martin


My absolutely favorite place in this world. I loved the former location and the new location is wonderful as well. A little slice of heaven with amazing staff that truly care for the animals of the sanctuary. Visiting this place will never ever get old!


Support Our Sanctuary by SHOPPING! 

Gifts, Jewelry, Home Decor, Handmade Soaps & MORE! 

Every purchase makes a difference!

Rooterville Animal Sanctuary - Melrose, Florida
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