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Meet Our Animals!

Pig and Dog.png


You'll never forget me! My bestie is a Red Heeler named Temple.  She's my protector and best friend.  We go everywhere together and she treats me like I was made of gold.  Well, I am quite precious!


I fell off a truck when I was little and the kind folks at the Tampa Animal Control called Rooterville to help me out and here I am!  For the past 11 years, life has been a dream for me.  I can't wait to meet you, don't forget the snackies!  Bring something for Temple too.

White Hen.png

Mr Fluffy Britches

People laugh when they see me, I'm not sure why but I'm glad I make them happy.  I'm a rooster, not many people want roosters, at the factories where chickens hatch, roosters are thrown away!  Can you believe it?  We're so handsome and loyal and protective of our flock, I don't know why anyone would throw us away.  I was lucky and landed here at Rooterville where I just look for bugs and snacks and do whatever I want all day.  It's a great life.  I have two rooster friends and we stick together because 6 eyes are better than two any day.  


My Name is Carley

I was found as a little kitten, lost as could be. Some nice folks helped me get to Rooterville.  Now, I have fun all day, eating lots of delicious food and treats.  Sometimes, I catch a bird, that makes the people really mad but I can't help myself.  I can only catch the really slow ones.  When I'm not eating I like to follow people around and see what they're doing. Look for me when you visit.  You may not see me but rest assured, I'm watching you!  


I'm Leo and I'm a Lover...

I lived at a school and loved it.  I got to visit lots of kids every day, it was so much fun until one night, some older kids came and they were throwing rocks at me and my friends and laughing when they hurt us.  I didn't know people could be cruel!  It was terrifying.  After that terrible night, we had to leave the school and some nice teachers took us to Rooterville.  That was a long time ago now and I'm still a lover and I can't wait to meet you!  I'll eat anything you have, don't forget to save a snackie for me, those pigs are so greedy!

Net with Horse.png

Moon Pie the Majestic

that's me!  When I was just a colt, my best friend died and I was heartbroken, I almost died from grief but a kind lady took me and wouldn't let me die.  She had to work really hard but here I am, 20 years old now!  I'm friendly but I am clumsy and might step on you so you have to be careful around me.  My old friend couldn't take a chance on me stepping on her so I'm at Rooterville now.I have two new tiny horse friends, I haven't had a horse friend since my pal died 17yrs ago, Life is so good now!

Cow with people.png

I'm Tinsel but I'm not a decoration!

That's me in the middle, the good looking one.  I was on the dead pile at an auction with my friend Holly.  That's where animals who are too weak to walk through the auction end up, but we were not dead! We were just a few days old.  It was Christmas time, a time when folks are supposed to be kind.  Every day is the same on dairy farms, there is no break from the cruelty there. Please be kind, dairy is milk that is meant for baby cows, not people.  We never even got to meet our mom or taste the milk she had for us.  Please choose milk made from plants, that isn't stolen from helpless baby cows.

Jungle Cock.png

Billy Bob

I'm a big deal around Rooterville, you'll know it as soon as you see me!  I love strutting around and telling everyone who's boss with my gobble gobbling.  I dare you to gobble!  I'll show you my gobble is the best!  I'm a "tom" turkey and I'm here with my 4 partners.  We landed at Rooterville when our home was invaded by a bob cat. We're the lucky ones!  Alot of folks get birds thinking we'll be great pets but when the wild critters find out about us, we're toast!  Having your own flock sounds cool but it's best to leave that to the experts.  Eggs are bad for you anyway.  

Jungle Pig01.png

Hey, I'm Poppy 

I am hungry all the time!  Yep, I never get enough to eat around here but other than that, this is a great place to be a pig.  I talk alot. I just want to make sure the people don't forget me if they have any snackies.   I was dumped by some folks who said they loved me but I guess they really didn't because they left me all by myself and I didn't know what to do or what I would eat!  It was terrible, I was so sad and scared and hungry.  A nice person helped me get to Rooterville, now I always know I'm going to get something to eat, I just wish it was all the time! 

Jungle pig 02.png

Hi!  I'm Lilly Bug!

I'm kind of shy, when I was just a piglet some folks were very mean to me and my family. Nice folks got us out of that awful place but my sister Daisy and I were very sick.  We came to Rooterville to get better. My sister died of cancer a couple of years ago and I miss her alot.  We pigs love our families, especially our moms, and we stick together.  If you're patient, I'll take a belly rub but I prefer to just be a pig.  I'll always stop for a treat though.  

Black Strap Pig.png


Hey, I'm JR, my mom's favorite son.  I was being used as a prop by a fraternity, they were not being nice to me at all, I'm not a toy, even though I am very cute!  Some girls grabbed me and brought me to Rooterville where I'm a person, not a thing. I love my mom and she loves me  You'll love me too!  I really like snacks and some days, I am out with the main yard and you can give me snackies.  I hope to see ya!  Don't forget snackies!

Net with Cow.png


Me and my mom, Moriah, were sent to auction but nobody wanted us. Somehow we ended up at Rooterville and now get to spend our lives together! I will boop my wet nose and lick your face during cuddle sessions.

Black white Cow.png


I injured my horn at an auction and was a bloody mess, no one wanted me or my calf, Dallas. He's my first calf and I adore him and panic if he leaves my sight. I'm soo happy to be here living my best life with my boy! 


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