Elaine West


“I am a lifelong advocate for farm animals, and the proud founder and president of Rooterville Animal Sanctuary which is home to over 300 rescued animals and my extraordinary team that cares for them.”

Melissa Beaudet

Farm Manager and Lead Animal Caregiver

“Caring for animals is hard work, but it is all worth it when you gain an animal's trust and you can see their personality blossom. Caring for over 300 animals isn't a walk in the park, but we have a fantastic team of caregivers.” 

Kristin Flynn

Administrative Assistant

“I have always loved animals no matter if they are big or small. They are God's creation and they are precious in many ways to this world. I love to be surrounded by animals and nature; it is just magnificent.”

Laura Besix

Animal Caregiver and Administrative Assistant

"Caring for animals is my deepest passion, biggest drive, and irrevocable purpose in life. After graduating from an animal care college program in 2020, I now spend my professional time caring for amazing farm animals, big and small."

Sandy Johnson


“I have always worried about animals that were not loved by anyone. I think it is the most horrible thing. I wanted to work around other people that feel the same way.”

Madison Puckett

Animal Caregiver

"Working with animals is a unique profession. No two days are alike. Every day is different, and every individual is different! This line of work keeps me on my toes, but I wouldn't have it any other way!"

Jonathan Jacks

Tour Guide

“I never expected I would work in this kind of setting, but it has consistently been the best job I have ever had. Getting to meet people and tell them the important facts and stories of these animals is a passion that never dies. My appreciation for pigs, and other farm animals, has only grown since starting here.”

Rooterville Animal Sanctuary

5579 Darwood St,

Melrose, FL 32666