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rooterville home We’re so glad you stopped by! We believe the information you find here has the potential to transform your life and your health! What you learn here will change the way you look at the food the average American consumes and come away with a better understanding of how simple choices we make every day affect our health, the environment and the animals we think of as “food”.

Rooterville is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides a loving home to over 300 rescued farm animals. We care for these precious creatures through the donations of our generous supporters, people just like YOU. We invite you to partner with us. Our mission is three-fold: providing a beautiful, safe and serene sanctuary for our animal ambassadors; helping visitors learn about and embrace a new paradigm about what we call “food” and how it affects our health; and how our diet harms or improves the world we leave the next generation. Browse through the website to learn more about how the preservation of human health coupled with animal wellbeing can benefit you as well. You’re going to be amazed!

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- Elaine & Dale West founders of Rooterville, A Sanctuary Inc. & Life Reclaimed Ministries

A message from Elaine & Dale West , founders of Rooterville, A Sanctuary Inc. & Life Reclaimed Ministries.

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