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A Caring Home For Rescued Farm AnimalsAnimal Sanctuary Holly

Rooterville Animal Sanctuary provides a safe and compassionate refuge to hundreds of rescued farm animals. We live by the principle that no animal is too old, or too unwanted to receive a healthy diet, a dry bed, and the love and respect they deserve. Founded in 2004, Rooterville is a place where animals can roam freely and enjoy their lives, on 30 beautiful acres in a serene farmlike setting near Melrose, Florida. We currently have over 300 rescued animals calling the sanctuary their home. Our residents, which we kindly refer to as ambassadors, include pot-bellied pigs, farm pigs, cows, turkeys, chickens, goats, horses, and honey bees. We also have beautiful butterfly gardens to nurture the butterfly population.

Rooterville is Everything you Would Imagine a "Sanctuary" to be...

We have committed our lives to saving farm animals from situations of horrible abuse, total neglect and abandonment. Our sanctuary provides all of our animals with the needed veterinary care, food and shelter to quickly nurse them back to health, giving them a loving home forever. Please take a moment to read some of our Animal Stories to see how we have saved so many animals from deplorable conditions, healing and drastically improving their lives.

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