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Rooterville is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides a loving home to over 200 rescued farm animals. We care for these precious creatures through the donations of our generous supporters, people just like YOU.  We invite you to partner with us.  Our mission is three-fold:   providing a beautiful, safe and serene sanctuary for our animal ambassadors;  helping visitors learn about and embrace a new paradigm about what we call "food" and how it affects our health;  and how our diet harms or improves the world we leave the next generation.  Browse through the website to learn more about how the preservation of human health coupled with animal wellbeing can benefit you as well. You're going to be amazed!

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 Your Health – Their WellBeing, are You Ready for the TRUTH?

The commercial food industry has made advancements in production and profitability at the expense of human health and the exploitation of, and abuse of helpless animals.  Most Americans believe that meat is necessary to human life and farm animals are thought of as little more than a source of food. Corporations have exploited this naïve belief and have created factory farming and processing facilities that lead to unhealthy food addictions and unimaginable cruelty to animals.  If you are ready for the truth about where your "food" comes from, please take a few minutes to watch this video.  This is reality and its not pretty, like the labels on meat/dairy packages lead you to think.  Please, watch and open your heart and mind to a better way of living for ALL of us!


News in Rooterville

Can Christianity Take Vegetarianism Mainstream?

"Christianity is a fine idea, but it would be great if Christians actually tried to live it out....Both secular and religious groups have a duty to join forces in resisting our culture's addiction to artificially cheap meat, and the factory farms which feed that addiction.

Read Charles Camosy's call to Christians: Stewardship includes caring for the animals!

 Seattle Times Website: Read full article here 


The Case for the Moral Consideration of Animals

Charles Camosy’s new book will make you pause to consider what it means to be consistently pro-life.

by Mary Eberstadt

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Desensitizing Ourselves

by Chuck Colson Published November 18, 2013  

How We Get Used to Pop Culture Evil Jack_in_the_Box1

First broadcast in April, 2003, this BreakPoint commentary reminds us of the subtle but destructive ways that evil captures our hearts.

The latest fad in the world of toys is pop musician action figures. McFarlane Toys makes a miniature Alice Cooper figure with a little guillotine, a little severed head, and a little basket to catch it in. From Art Asylum comes an Eminem figure, screaming and swinging a chainsaw, his face distorted with rage and malice. That's only the beginning: The next Eminem action figure will include a dead woman in a car trunk, memorializing the lyrics and cover of the rapper's first album.

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What are African Americans most likely to DIE from?



African American Disease Risk.

Statistics show that in the United States, African Americans are more likely to die of cancer, heart disease, and stroke than other people groups. Is it genetics... or something different? HATV's Scott Laird speaks with Robin Emmons of Sow Much Good in Charlotte, NC about the the causes of disparity in disease risk suffered by the African American community.


Why Love One But Eat the Other Billboard

Yes2veg.com has a new billboard up! Be on the look out headed south on I-75 in Georgia just north about 100 miles of the Florida border. Here it is. We are accepting donations for this billboard and looking to place one on I-95 soon.