Sandy Johnson


Current Role:

Sandy Johnson serves as Bookkeeper for Rooterville Animal Sanctuary Inc. since August 1, 2018. Sandy spends her days tracking and recording all of the many financial transactions involved in operating the Sanctuary and processing the fundraising from the Rooterville Gift Shop. Sandy handles cash flow management, account reconciliation, accounting, General Ledger, and financial statements to keep operations running smoothly.  


“I’m a favorite among staff every other week. I handle payroll for Elaine and make sure everyone receives their paychecks.”



Sandy received her formal training in accounting from North Georgia Technical School. She is a retired banker after 20 years of service in the banking industry. Sandy handles bookkeeping for three small businesses in addition to Rooterville, including Free Time Hobbies, Knots Model, and MotorPro Graphics. 


Off the Clock


Sandy lives in Starke, FL with her six Italian Greyhounds. She is the owner of Pippi’s Italian Greyhound Boarding LLC and is working to open her boarding kennel this year. Sandy has over 20-years of experience training dogs, participating in AKC dog sports competitions.