Our Team


Elaine West 


Elaine West founded Rooterville Animal Sanctuary Inc. with the help and support of her late husband and partner Dale West, in 2004. Today, Elaine serves as president and leads a team of eight that handle everything in the daily operations of the business and upkeep of the sanctuary, as well as caring for the amazing animals that call the sanctuary home. 

“I grew up around farms and farmers. Of all the animals, I loved the pigs the best. There is nothing cuter than a baby pig. In my youth, I nursed many runts to health. When potbellied pigs came to the US, I had to have one. So, I saved up and bought two! It was no surprise my first rescue was a little gray potbellied pig who won me over at hello when she rolled over for her belly rub at the sound of a friendly voice at a local Humane Society that was giving her away to be eaten. That little pig changed everything!”


Elaine received her Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Florida State University. Elaine’s background includes a long career in the mortgage business, working as a Loan Officer for Regions Bank, as well as in retail. She is incredibly compassionate, exceptional at problem solving and stretching an operating budget to accomplish more. Elaine loves helping people and animals, and it shows in all she does. She cares deeply and that much is evident.


Along the way, Elaine discovered the local Humane Society was receiving pigs whose futures were dismal at best. She volunteered to implement a spay and neuter program and build the pigs better pens. This was pivotal for Elaine. She built her first animal sanctuary inside the Humane Society focused on helping pigs. It was there she gained the confidence to help more and begin the Rooterville dream. 


“My inspiration is knowing that people's lives change for the better after an experience at our sanctuary, that we have made them smile and forget their problems while experiencing something they never get to do anywhere else. My inspiration is to be a blessing to people, and to animals. We cannot force change on anyone; our goal is to INSPIRE change, and no one does a better job at that than our incredible animal ambassadors.”


What's Next?


 “I’m on a mission to keep sharing our stories and these amazing animals with more people and help more animals in need. I’m on a mission to do more, and I need your help!”


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.