Madison Puckett

Animal Caregiver

Current Role:

Madison is one of the full-time staff members who continuously takes exceptional care of the animals.

Madison is the girl you will see transporting animals for vet visits, picking up feed and hay, and hooking up trailers. Madison proves there is nothing a girl can't do! 


 "I first heard about Rooterville a year ago when I moved to Gainesville."



Having experience working with exotic African animals at a large wildlife conservation center, Madison brings valuable experience to the table, here at Rooterville. 


“As long as I can remember, I've wanted to devote my life to saving and caring for animals. I Can't imagine doing anything else. It's extremely rewarding. Whether I am saving an animal from extinction or slaughter, I know I'm making a difference.”  

Off the Clock

Madison lives in Gainesville with her dog, Nugget, and her Uromastyx, Uri.

Rooterville Animal Sanctuary

5579 Darwood St,

Melrose, FL 32666