Laura Besix

Animal Caregiver and Administrative Assistant

Current Role:

Laura Besix has a dual position of Animal Caregiver and Administrative Assistant for Rooterville Animal Sanctuary Inc. since mid 2020. Laura works diligently to make all animals live a comfortable life, with lots of love. Laura also works with the founder, Elaine and the Farm Manager, Melissa, to help manage and maintain the online aspect of Rooterville, which includes the website, social media accounts, fundraising platforms, and record keeping. 

"I have loved Rooterville for years. I grew to know many of the animal stories as a visitor and fell in love with the quality of care these animals have. I'm so fortunate to be a staff member, directly providing high standards of care and maintaining individual welfare to Rootervilles collection."


Laura has a background in animal care and training. Her heart truly lies in large herbivorous mammals, which Rooterville has an abundance of!


"Though I have been vegan for years, I had never met a pig. Now, some of my best friends are piggies, some weighing nearly 800lbs!"


Laura graduated from the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo in the midst of a global pandemic. Upon graduation, she decided to see if Rooterville was hiring. Impressed with her resume, Rooterville welcomed her onto the staff team. 


“Working on a plant-based farm, surrounded with some of my favorite animals is a dream come true; every day I know I am making a difference.”  


Inspiring One Another


 “Working with animals is passion work, we do it not just because we love it, but because we want to make a difference.”

Rooterville Animal Sanctuary

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