Kristin Flynn

Office Manager/HR/Bookkeeper

Current Role:

Kristin Flynn joined Rooterville Animal Sanctuary in January 2019. She serves as the Office Manager, HR, Bookkeeper and more, helping Elaine keep business operations running smoothly. Kristin wears many hats for the organization. She helps take photos, assists with digital initiatives, communicates with donors, and assists with volunteers, to name a few. Kristin also assists the animal caretakers and loves on the animals every chance she gets.  

“Rooterville Animal Sanctuary is such a special place that allows me to use my skills to both help animals and celebrate nature.”



Kristin has a strong background in office administration. Along the way, she worked as a Dental Administrative Assistant, FPL Warehouse Inventory Assistant, and as a Chiropractor’s Assistant. Kristin started her career as a Billing Clerk and Administrative Assistant for a utility company where she served for 10-years.  


“If I could, I would try to save every animal that needs help. I’ve been this way since I was able to talk and walk. When I was young, I was always bringing home some sort of animal to care for and love."


Why We Do It:


 “Rooterville really touches my heart as it is a safe haven for many animals that most people would not consider to be worthy of love or a second chance. This really saddens me. At Rooterville, we get to give that second chance to so many beautiful animals.”  


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