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Be a friend to a specific rescued animal by "Adopting" them and giving them a second chance at life!

Rooterville is home to over one hundred animals — from cats and dogs to cows and chickens. Oh, and pigs, of course! We need your help to give these animals the best possible life. We have some terrific opportunities for you to help out, even ways that cost you nothing and you can even earn great Rooterville swag merch!  Helping animals has never been easier!

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With Rooterville’s Adopt A Rescued Animal program, you can symbolically adopt an animal and help us with all of their necessities — food, shelter, and health care. You choose what kind of animal you would like to sponsor and we will match you up with a Rooterville resident.

If you want to adopt a specific animal, just let us know! We will send you an update quarterly on your animal, this is PRICELESS!  No other sanctuary gives you this level of service when you become a sponsor!  You'll be thrilled with the adorable pictures we take just for you. Something that you will just love to share with your friends and loved ones.

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All adoptions come with:

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An adoption certificate

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A color photograph of your animal(s)

You can sponsor as many animals as you would like, simply click the below button to discover all plans. If you would prefer to make an annual or quarterly donation,

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Quarterly updates on how your animal is doing, as staff time allows. If we're really busy, you might have to ask us! 

please contact Elaine@Rooterville.org

A Kinder World Begins With You!

Help us give abandoned and neglected farm animals a second chance. 
Your support for Rooterville Animal Sanctuary makes a big impact on an animal's life.