Jonathan Jacks

Tour Guide

Current Role:

Jonathan has been Rooterville's official tour guide since early 2020. He enjoys providing quality tours to all visitors who sign up for a guided tour. Jonathan deeply cares about sharing the origin stories of Rooterville and the amazing animals that call Rooterville home. We encourage you to come out and meet Jonathan to learn about the incredible animals here.


 "I've been a vegetarian for upwards of 10 years, and find great delight in sharing my passion for animals with the visitors who come to our beautiful sanctuary."


Jonathan has a background in criminal justice but found a calling right here at Rooterville. What was supposed to be a stepping stone for him, became a life-changing job opportunity. Jonathan uses his skills to highlight important stories to guests of all ages. Jonathan has a skill that many caregivers lack, public speaking and talking to guests! Tour guide is the absolute perfect position for Jonathan.


"Though I went to school for criminal justice, this job opportunity called out to me- being a vegetarian. I have always loved working with people. Seeing an open position for tour guide, I knew this job would perfectly blend my love for working with people and bringing awareness to the meat industry. Being able to share the plant-based lifestyle with other people, while also spending the day with the very animals we are working to save, is an experience unlike anything else."