Stella – Rooterville’s Inspiration

Stella suffered for years on a factory farm, then a twist of fate brought her to us. With lots of love and freedom at Rooterville, her spirit soared!

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Stella was a breeding sow from a commercial operation, who lived her first five years in a tiny cage, continuously giving birth to piglets who would also endure horrors. After these years of suffering, she likely fell off a truck on the way to slaughter (which happens more often than you’d think).

Alone, she wandered, emaciated and wounded, into a family’s driveway and collapsed. Stella was on the brink of death, but her luck had finally changed!

This caring family helped her find her way to Rooterville, one of the only places in Florida that would take a 500-pound pig. Stella suffered permanent partial paralysis from her mistreatment, but with lots of love and freedom, her spirit recovered completely.

She lived out the rest of her days gleefully playing as a pig should at the sanctuary. While Stella has passed on, she inspired the expansion of Rooterville to take in even more animals who needed a chance.

Come see her breathtaking memorial garden at Rooterville today! Sponsoring Stella will sponsor her pig friends and the upkeep of her butterfly garden.

Babe and Bongo

Babe and Bongo escaped their lives of captivity and through the kindness of strangers found their way to a life of bliss welcoming visitors at Rooterville!

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These two large farm pigs broke free from their captor and wandered right into a vegetarian’s yard. If it had been any other person’s yard, they may have ended up on someone’s dinner table, and most people would’ve chased them away or called animal control. Instead, these kind people called Rooterville, who came to the rescue!

Babe and Bongo are probably brother and sister by blood, and certainly are in their hearts! We welcomed them into the Rooterville family, and once Babe, the female, was spayed, they both began to have a much calmer, happier life in our great expanses of green!

Babe and Bongo love their lives at Rooterville! They spend lots of time together, enjoying lazy days lounging in the sun, dipping in the mud pond, and playing with all of their friends. Every day, they get friendlier and friendlier! They even run up and greet everyone who visits the farm! Come visit and let Babe & Bongo welcome you!

Please consider sponsoring Babe & Bongo for just $50 a month.

Animal Stories — Admiral Fluffy Boots the Rooster in Melrose, FL

Admiral Fluffy Boots

Admiral Fluffy Boots found his forever home at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary. He was abandoned in the streets of Jacksonville, Florida. Safe at Rooterville now, he awes us all with us playfulness and cuddliness!

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Admiral Fluffy Boots is one of Rooterville’s rescued roosters. Before Rooterville, Fluffy Boots wandered the streets of Jacksonville, Florida, hungry and alone.

It’s likely that he was a pet someone realized they couldn’t keep. In cities that allow hens for laying eggs within city limits, they still don’t allow roosters. Quiet and cuddly as Admiral Fluffy Boots was, he was still a rooster, which meant he was cast out to fend for himself.

But he was found by Rooterville! Now, he spends his days cuddling visitors, riding the pigs, and spending lots of time with his best friend, Chica! Come hug Admiral Fluffy Boots today!

Admiral Fluffy Boots is sponsored by one of Rooterville’s generous supporters. Please consider sponsoring one of his fluffy friends for just $15 a month.


Before Rooterville, Benny’s sole purpose in life was to become somebody’s dinner. He was tortured and traumatized at an illegal slaughter farm, afraid that every new day would be his last. Rooterville offered Benny a second chance.

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Before Rooterville, Benny’s sole purpose in life was to become somebody’s dinner. He was tortured and traumatized at an illegal slaughter farm, afraid that every new day would be his last. Rooterville offered Benny a second chance.

Benny and two of his goat friends were rescued from an illegal slaughter farm in Miami, where the animals were subject to unspeakable tortures and deadly neglect. Brave volunteers investigating the slaughter farm saved Benny ad the two others, bringing them straight to Rooterville. They were so dehydrated that even after days of intense veterinary care, only Benny survived.

Due to the terrible mistreatment he received at the slaughter farm, Benny is scared of most humans. Even five years after his rescue, he still cannot forget the terrors he faced in the first year of his life.

Despite his fear of people, Benny loves to play with his new friends at Rooterville, loves treats, and never gets tired of all of the delicious grass!

It’s likely that he was a pet someone realized they couldn’t keep. In cities that allow hens for laying eggs within city limits, they still don’t allow roosters. Quiet and cuddly as Admiral Fluffy Boots was, he was still a rooster, which meant he was cast out to fend for himself.

But he was found by Rooterville! Now, he spends his days cuddling visitors, riding the pigs, and spending lots of time with his best friend, Chica! Come hug Admiral Fluffy Boots today!

Admiral Fluffy Boots is sponsored by one of Rooterville’s generous supporters. Please consider sponsoring one of his fluffy friends for just $15 a month.


Herbert found peace at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary. He was orphaned and on the verge of death, but a series of miraculous events brought him home to Rooterville!

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Herbert was rescued as a tiny five-pound feral piglet when he was found wandering the riding trails of a small town in Florida. Likely orphaned when his mother was shot by a hunter, tiny Herbert was covered with over 200 ticks, riddled with parasites, and desperately dehydrated. He was on the verge of death.

Herbert’s rescuers rushed him to the vet where intense antibiotic and anti-parasitic treatments saved his precious young life. That night, a mishap with a hot lamp caused a fire and that his rescuers thought killed him. Thankfully, Herbert survived his second brush with death!

After his rescuers realized their laundry room was no place to raise a pig, they found him a loving home at Rooterville. Now, this miracle piggy is very happy to live out his life playing and frolicking with his friends at Rooterville Animal Sanctuary!
Please consider keeping Herbert healthy and happy by sponsoring him for just $50 a month!

Larry and Leo

Leo and Larry the goats suffered before coming to Rooterville. They were school pets until kids abused them. Now, they’re safe at Rooterville, where there are tasty treats and lots of great visitors to pet them!

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Larry and Leo started their lives as grade school pets. They were a treat for the kids, who were rewarded with opportunities to go out and pet them and their friend, a pot belly pig named Hamlet. This great start ended badly for them. Some older kids broke in and posted a video to Facebook of themselves throwing rocks at the animals as these helpless creatures tried desperately to evade the terrible blows. The principal decided the animals had to go.

Now they never have to worry about being abused again, safe and sound at Rooterville, where they get lots of love. The teachers come and visit them all the time, because these lovable goats leave an impression!

But beware when you’re moving through the gates, because these smart friends are escape artists! They love to sneak out and steal delicious peanut hay from the pigs!

If you’ve never petted a goat, you’re missing out! Come meet these fuzzy, soft friends today!

Please consider sponsoring either Leo or Larry $25 per month!

Holly and Tinsel

Before Rooterville, Holly and Tinsel the cows were left for dead. They came to us from Farm Sanctuary. They were rescued from an auction where they were both too weak from not being fed for hours and couldn’t stand up so they were put in the dead pile.

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Ripped from their loving mothers when slated for auction at just a few days old, these frightened babies were left for dead on the auction floor when they were deemed too small and weak to sell. Rescued by Farm Sanctuary in New York, Tinsel and Holly received the immediate treatment necessary to survive, and ultimately thrive.

Holly was saved from the miserable life of becoming a dairy cow. Dairy cows are forced to have a calf every year so they continue to produce milk. They only live 3-5 years in the dairy industry, but could live 30 years in nature. Cows are devastated when their babies are taken away from them. Tinsel was saved from becoming veal on someone’s plate.

Arriving at Christmas, Tinsel and Holly are now safe and comfortable in their new home here at Rooterville. Two thousand pound Tinsel loves bananas and having his chin scratched and Holly enjoys being his constant companion. These wonderful animals are living reminders of the cruel fate slated for the babies of dairy cows, who are constantly bred to increase their milk production.

Please consider sponsoring these big, beautiful creatures for just $100 a month.


Tomasina was thrown from a truck on the way to slaughter. Instead of being dinner, she is loving her animal friends and roaming free at Rooterville!

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Packed tightly in filthy cages with hundreds of other birds, and stacked to the brim on a truck, these turkeys were headed for slaughter when the vehicle took a highway exit too sharply, causing their cages to be thrown onto the road. Dead and injured turkeys lay everywhere until local animal rescue teams came to the scene and scrambled to save anyone they could.

Only a few survived, and rather than becoming someone’s Thanksgiving meal, Tomasina was able to come to Rooterville to live a long, happy life with plenty of space to roam! Despite the horrible abuse they experienced before, with good exercise, care, and a regimen of medications to ease the pain of cruel maiming she received, Tomasina is thriving! Tomasina loves to hang out with her chicken and pig friends, and may even come up to you for a friendly chat! Come meet her today!

Please consider sponsoring Ms. Tomasina Turkey today for only $20 per month!

Prissy and Lulu

Prissy & Lulu survived a horrific flood that killed over 20,000 pigs. Their trauma runs deep, but at Rooterville they’re finally happy and prospering!

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Prissy and Lulu were both breeding sows who lived the first four years of their lives in terrible conditions, having their piglets torn away from them over and over again. Then, a devastating flood struck Iowa, where they were confined at a factory farm. The flood killed over 20,000 pigs, but Prissy and Lulu had finally found the mercy they had always needed. They were rescued and taken in by a farm sanctuary in New York.

In the aftermath of this chaos, Lulu had babies prematurely and they all died. She fell into a terrible depression that nearly killed her, but they were soon on their way to Rooterville.

The loving staff and volunteers at Rooterville worked hard to help these sweet, traumatized pigs. The depth of their trauma wasn’t clear until Lulu injured her foot and staff attempted to immobilize her for treatment. They placed gates around Lulu, not realizing that this tight space that trapped Lulu tight for treatment would feel to Lulu like the tiny gestation crate she had spent years in.

Lulu’s eyes went wild with terror, and she suddenly flailed and flailed, squealing and screaming to escape. In her desperation, Lulu tore the gates right off of their hinges, terrifying those who were trying to help her, who feared she would break her own back struggling against the gates and die. But in her mind, poor Lulu had returned to that terrible breeding crate, trapped and suffering forever.

Rooterville managed to help her escape, and soothed her, and themselves, after this heart-wrenching experience for everyone. Now they know she can never be in a confined space, no matter what. And she never will be again. Instead, she spends her days happily with Prissy!

Prissy and Lulu are both sponsored by a generous donor. Please consider sponsoring one of Rooterville’s 300 pigs!

Please donate towards Prissy and Lulu’s care.

Temple and Lulu

Piglet Lulu escaped certain death alone in the streets of Tampa, and found a best friend in our adopted dog, Temple! They just love spending all day together hiking around the sanctuary!

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Temple is an Australian cattle dog. Lulu is her best friend, a pig!

Baby Lulu was found wandering the streets in Tampa, Florida. Tampa SPCA helped her find her way to Rooterville for her second chance at life. Little Lulu was so small that many of the larger pigs started picking on her, but Temple wouldn’t have that!

Temple, who was adopted by Rooterville to help keep the sanctuary safe, knew her job right down to her bones. She saw little Lulu in trouble, and swept over to protect her.From then on out, they’ve been happy and inseparable.

Come see Temple and Lulu walking together all around Rooterville and say “hi” to these best friends!

Our wonderful farm pigs are very expensive to care for, so please consider sponsoring Lulu’s care for only $50 a month.


Peepers the rooster hatched in secret at Rooterville, but his mother, having grown up in a cage, had no idea how to care for him. After a brush with death before being found, he’s become quite the happy pig-rider!

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Peepers’ mother was bred to make eggs for the grocery store, not eggs that hatch. At Rooterville, when his mother hid some eggs, they hatched in secret. But having grown up in captivity, she had no idea how to care for these chicks. By the time Rooterville staff found them, they were dying from exposure to the wintery cold (yes, in Florida!). The staff rushed into action to save them. Unfortunately, Peepers’ siblings didn’t make it. But Peepers did!

Peepers took an immediate liking to some of our pigs, collecting six pig friends that he always chased the other pigs away from. Rooterville had to put a hen in with Peepers to help teach him he was a chicken! Fortunately, he figured it out and these two chickens are now inseparable!

As a very rare native of Rooterville, Peepers has spent every day since those harrowing first days playing on the sanctuary. He loves to herd the pigs, sit on the pigs, and spend his days with his favorite chicken friend!

Come volunteer today, and maybe you’ll get to see Peepers hitching a ride on some of his pig friends!

Please consider sponsoring Peepers’ care for just $15 per month.


Sally was brutalized by dogs, but survived after the heroic efforts of Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists. She soon made her way to Rooterville, where a joyous reunion brought tears to everyone’s eyes!

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A grim fate usually awaits a pig when brutally attacked by dogs. Many veterinarians would have taken one look at Sally’s terrible wounds and said there’s no hope, but Dr. Ira Zaslow of Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists started surgery right away. Through his heroic efforts, which made the news, he was able to save her.

Then, Sal Bonanno at Lauderdale Veterinary Specialists took special interest in Sally as she was slowly recovering in their care. Every day, he fed her, took her for walks, and gave her lots of belly rubs and love. After this month of recovery, they were best friends!

Once she could leave the vet, they contacted Rooterville, and we were thrilled we had space for Sally! Once she was settling in, Sal Bonanno missed her so much he drove over 600 miles round trip to visit her in her new home.

When Sally saw Sal, she grew ecstatic and ran toward him to say an overjoyed hello! Their bond will last a lifetime. Sal was so moved by this experience, he even decided to never eat pork again.

We thank Dr. Zaslow and Sal every day for taking care of Sally and many like them! You can be a hero, too. Donate to help Rooterville save animal lives.

Daisy and Donald

Daisy and Donald were released at a pond by their owners, but couldn’t handle the wild. Starving and injured, they were rescued. They love their new home at Rooterville!

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Daisy and Donald were Easter gifts, bought as little ducklings. But all too often animals bought as holiday presents end up being sent away or abandoned. Daisy and Donald were taken to a pond, where their previous owners probably thought they’d be able to live out their days. But Daisy and Donald didn’t know how to take care of themselves in the wild.

All hungry Daisy knew was that people would feed her. So, she followed people around on the sidewalk near the pond, trying to get them to give her food. But she was starving, and so was Donald.

Donald ended up getting snared by a fish hook in his bill, but this tragedy led to their eventual rescue! They were picked up by Fish & Wildlife, and nursed from starvation back to health at Rooterville. Daisy and Donald went from starvation to playing their days away in the green grass and on the pond at Rooterville. Come meet them today!

Keep these two fed everyday by sponsoring their care for $25 per month!

Ginger and Gracie

Ginger and Gracie were the last of a litter of puppies, just minutes from being abandoned. Now, they’re everyone’s new best friend at Rooterville!

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Ginger and Gracie were part of a litter of puppies who were going to abandoned after a baseball game, if their owner couldn’t sell them. They were the last, alone in their box, unwanted.

A friend of Elaine, Rooterville’s founder, realized these puppies were at risk. She bought them and brought them to Rooterville. This fateful decision rescued them from starvation and death all alone at a vacant baseball diamond.

Ginger and Gracie are the sanctuary bosses and some of its very cuddly ambassadors. They spend their days making sure all of the other animals on the farm stay safe and keep behaving. They oversee everything, and love to ride around with Elaine and her guests in the golf cart!

Come meet your new best friends! Ginger and Gracie will love you just as much as you love them!

Please consider sponsoring Ginger and Gracie. For just $25 a month, you can provide Ginger and Gracie with all of the food, love, and medical care they need.

Sponsor Ginger and Gracie so they can keep calling the shots here at Rooterville!


Leonidas was caught traveling alone and put up for auction to be slaughtered. Through a merciful turn of events, he came to Rooterville, where he would love to greet you!

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Leonidas had wanderlust. His urge to travel brought little six month old Leonidas far from home, braving starvation, the elements, and predators along the way. His journey ended when Animal Control captured him.

Animal Control typically put lost farm pigs, like Leonidas, up for auction, where they often end up bought for slaughter. He was auctioned, but the highest bidder fell in love with the little guy, and she didn’t eat him! She realized, though, that she couldn’t take care of this fast-growing baby, so she called Rooterville. After hearing of his amazing journey, Rooterville welcomed him with open arms!

Once he arrived, we needed to neuter him right away, for his health and the health of the other pigs. This is an expensive operation, but another wonderful person stepped in to donate the money for the operation! With that out of the way, Leonidas got to grow up to be the sweet, loving greeter he is today, joining friends like Babe & Bongo welcoming our visitors at the gate! Come meet our great, friendly traveler, Leonidas, today!

Please consider sponsoring Leonidas for only $50 a month!


Jason is the sole survivor of an illegal slaughter farm. Everyone deserves a warm welcome into the world. Unfortunately, Jason didn’t get that chance.

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He was born into an illegal slaughter operation in Miami, Florida, where he and 200 other pigs were being farmed for food. The conditions of the slaughterhouse were awful, and Jason grew up never knowing love or kindness.

In 2016, Jason was touched by a miracle. The illegal slaughterhouse was shut down, and he and the other 200 pigs were brought to the Palm Beach Animal Care & Control (PBACC). There, for the first time, Jason learned what love and care can be.

Unfortunately, due to careless practices at the slaughterhouse, every pig but Jason tested positive for pseudo-rabies and had to be humanely euthanized at the shelter. Somehow, Jason was the only pig who did not have pseudo-rabies out of the 200 pigs rescued. After such a cruel beginning, Jason was ready to finally have a place to call home. A kind volunteer, who had been caring for Jason ever since he was rescued, brought him to Rooterville, where he is given unconditional love and care.

Stories like Jason’s are what motivate Rooterville to save lives. Thank you for supporting Rooterville every step of the way, and helping us save innocent animals like Jason.